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Dan Rodgerson Experience

November 17, 2011

a.   Experience in planning and coordinating facility program scheduling including use of software management programs.


I am comfortable in front of a computer and have used a variety of recreation based programs.  I have shopped and purchased software for two organizations.  I am familiar with Class, Rec-ware, Rec-Trac and have worked with customized individual programs integrated with other municipal departments.  We are currently transitioning from a software package called ESS, Electronic Scheduling Software to a more integrated and comprehensive program called B.O.S.S. 



3.   Please describe your experience in a recreation/community center setting (i.e. size of facility, facility components, brief description of population served, etc.).


My current facility is 125,000 square feet and features a spa, aquatic center, aerobic studio, child care, café, fitness area, yoga studio, and spin room.  Our membership base is just over 6,000 families.


My previous position was in a smaller community of 26,000 residents.  The facility that I managed was 78,000 square feet and consisted of an aquatic center, indoor track, cardio balcony, child care, dance studio, class rooms, climbing wall and gym.


In Greenville, I managed several centers for a population base of 400,000 residents.  These centers consisted of small classroom based centers in struggling neighborhoods to water parks and to even a residential camp for children with disabilities. 


In Glenwood I was responsible for the opening of a new recreation center for a resort/ mountain community of 18,000 residents.  The new facility included many of previously mentioned amenities and including an ice rink.